Online SIMS Training Courses for Schools

Online SIMS training courses for SIMS users who want to get more from SIMS. From basic skills to advanced techniques. Get the most out of SIMS, provide a real benefit to your school and develop your career.

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SIMS for Beginners

If you've never used SIMS before, or if you are looking to land a dream job in a school, SIMS for Beginners is the ideal course. It contains all the key skills you need to get up and running. Enrol here while the course is still in beta and get a £40 discount on the final price.

Become an Assessment Expert

This bundle contains all the important skills and techniques that you'll need to become a key member of your school's data team. I've focused on teaching what you need to know to do your job and I've cut out all the useless stuff you don't need.

Training for a Fantastic Career

Jobs in schools remain popular and with experienced data managers earning upwards of £30,000 getting the right skills is important. Working in schools, doing a meaningful job that can positively influence children's lives is a wonderful career.

Discounts for MATS

If you are part of a multi-academy trust (MAT) I can offer big discounts on site licenses and individual licenses. Contact me for more details.


The courses are available for you to view at any time and forever. Download the video to your smartphone or tablet to view them when you are away from WiFi.

Downloadable Now

Each video lecture is also available for download to your laptop or mobile device.

Payment Methods

You can pay and get immediate access by PayPal or Credit/Debit card. Alternatively, if you email me a purchase order number from your school finance system I will arrange to invoice your school.

Try Before You Buy

Most of these courses include free lectures, so you can test drive the content before you commit.

Where to Start?

If you are new to SIMS Assessment I recommend you take the Assessment Manager Key Skills. It is used by many schools to give staff the basic SIMS Assessment skills that will allow them to access the more complex later courses.