Welcome to the training bundle

Welcome to the course!

I usually recommend that you start with the Key Skills course. After that, it's up to you - the courses are self contained. My *suggested* order of study is as follows:

  1. Key skills
  2. KS4 resources
  3. SIMS Discover
  4. Individual pupil reports
  5. Program of study: advanced (if you are using these formative marksheets for KS3)
  6. Advanced marksheet techniques
  7. Advanced analysis
  8. Exam results analysis

(If you are looking for the bundled courses look for the 'included courses' link on this page.)

When you finish each module I'm happy to provide a certificate of completion. Email me at [email protected] to request a certificate.

Feel free to email me or leave a comment in the comments section of each course lecture.

Good luck!


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