The SIMS Homepage


The SIMS homepage is the hub of the SIMS system. Within a couple of click of this screen you will find all the most important functions of SIMS. But the homepage can look different depending who logs in. This is because the SIMS Homepage can be configured by you. So don't worry if your homepage looks slightly different - later in the course you will discover how to customise it.

Key Points

  • At the top of the homepage you will find the menu bar.
  • Everything in SIMS can be accessed from the menu options here.
  • Underneath it you'll find the icon bar - this is a menu of all the most frequently used menu options to allow you quick access.
  • Beneath the icon bar is the quick find box where you can get hold of pupil and staff information very speedily.
  • Notice also the 'Documentation' link that gives access to the in-built help system.
  • The rest of the home page is divided into panels.
  • The actual panels you see will depend on how your account has been set up.
  • Commonly used panel include the school bulletin and school diary panels

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