Quickly find a pupil record

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Quick Find a Pupil

One of the most frequent jobs in a school office is to find the details of a pupil. The requests are often vague. For example "there's a girl in Y5 called Katie - what's her address?" or "who has a birthday today?". With SIMS, finding pupils is easy.

Use the quick find bar. It's on the homepage and looks like this:

Tips for finding pupil details quickly

  • To find a pupil by forename or surname just type the name or part of the name.
  • You can also use the quick find bar to search for other types of information. Here's are some useful ones:
  • #B searches for pupils and members of staff with birthdays today, tomorrow or the day after
  • #Y:6 searches for pupils in year 6
  • #F searches for females only
  • #F Smith searches for females called Smith
  • #age:4-7 searches for pupils ages 4 to 7
  • #V MF17 searches for staff with a car registration number that contains MF17

For further reading:

Capita have published a guide to managing pupils and student here: http://simspublications.com/794613/assets/Students.pdf

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